A free book for starting with Cocoa using Objective-C

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Bert Altenburg, author of AppleScript for Absolute Starters, in co-operation with Alex Clarke and Philippe Mougin, has released a book for newcomers to Cocoa programming using Objective-C and XCode.

This tutorial is written for non-programmers, and is aimed at levelling the learning curve as much as possible. In the best tradition, BecomeAnXcoder is released as a free booklet in pdf format under a CC Attribution license. It is also available online, simply follow the links below.

BecomeAnXcoder has been downloaded over 110,000 times since May 2006. If you'd like to help create a translation into French, Spanish, Italian or any other language, please contact me: alex at cocoalab dot com.

Please Note: BecomeAnXcoder Chinese, Arabic and Japanese were written for OS X 10.4 Tiger, so they currently contain outdated information. The English book has now been updated for Xcode 3 on OS X 10.5 Leopard.

The online version of the book is always the most up to date. Every so often I will condense all the changes to the English version from the online version and create a new pdf. The translations are maintained by independent volunteers and so may not be in sync with the current English version.

Online Translations

PDF Downloads

English Leopard Online Book


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